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- update the caves (change props and textures)
- update all layout door blocks' visual appearance
- update last area
- add more light
scale down last, change spawn route
sprinkle some snowy shrubs on the ground
smooth out displacements
add 1s to respawn time to stop instant spawn exploit
fix game logic bug related to last when the timer runs out (thanks Diva Dan for the fix)
replace all POIs with proper buildings
change respawntime mechanics (again)

no screenshots yet, still lot of work to do
final spawntime change (again):
change from using SetSpawnTime to AddSpawnTime

Default spawnTime - 6s
On 5 mins remains - 8s (add 2s)
On 3 mins remains - 10s (add 2s)

On Start capping - substract 5s to capping team, add 5s to losing team
On Break capping - reverse effect

minor layout change
minor change to the spawntime mechanics (the previous one seems too short)
- 8 mins : 5s
- 5 mins : 10s
- 3 mins : 15s
add random nonsense landmarks to make the map less same-y
new spawntime mechanics:
- 8 mins : 3s
- 5 mins : 5s
- 3 mins : 7s
- 1 mins: 10s
- insta force team respawn on capping
change all spawnroom to have the same layout and walking distance to spawndoors


scale the map down by 20%
change spawntime and captime

add Yeti

change the way spawntime works: 3s by default, 10s for the enemy team when capping
minor change to spawnroom
more rocks to block sightlines
respawnroom changed
add some extra rocks
setup gate & setup time with spawn time changed on last