Cloudburst rc2

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Cloudburst rc2

olden days ctf

Old map of mine

Requested for reupload to the site for archival purposes

But I think this map is pretty bad and not very representative of my modern day ability
It is not in active development
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest reviews

I feel like Cloudburst is a very serviceable Capture the Flag map. It's intel room isn't really great, but this is more of a product of its era in map development more than anything. It's a very quaint little CTF map that really makes me just enjoy playing TF2 whenever I get the chance to hop onto the map. Definitely better than 2Fort and Sawmill, that's 100% for sure. If this were added to the official game, I don't think I would have a single complaint with it other than the small intel room. It's just a cute CTF map, what's not to love? Easily an 8/10.