Clifftop b3

Made by Boylee

  1. Clifftop lives!

    So after nearly 5 years since starting it, I'm releasing b3 of Clifftop.

    This is a fairly significant detailing upgrade, with lots of bugs and non solid props being fixed, and also plenty of clipping issues being addressed. It appears that at some point over the last couple of years I had a crack at doing some visleaf optimisation as well. Not sure if that was in B2 or not, but it's in this one.

    Anyway, Leminnes and I have also been working on a custom skybox texture, so hopefully that will be in the next version.


    1. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00004.jpg
    2. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00005.jpg
    3. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00006.jpg
    4. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00007.jpg
    5. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00008.jpg
    6. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00009.jpg
    7. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00011.jpg
    8. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00012 (1).jpg
    9. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00013.jpg
    10. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00015.jpg
    11. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00016.jpg
    12. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00017.jpg
    13. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00018.jpg
    14. 440_screenshots_2015-11-28_00019.jpg
    15. 2015-11-20_00002.jpg
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