Cliffside B6

King of the hill map with a lot of cliffs

  1. Velvott
    Welcome to an abandoned facility with no purpose whatsoever! This is a mirrored map inspired by Viaduct and Trainsawlaser. So here's a fast run over the map, once you step out of one of two spawnrooms, you are instantly greeted by height variation as well as three ways to advance to the next courtyard. Next is a medium building offering a staircase to a deck in the next courtyard, next to the building is a small ramp to a dangerous, but low traffic board bridge over a gaping death pit. After the death pit, there are two options to get to the point. The first one in front of you leads to a building with a great sniper sight line as well as a small ammo box and a medium health pack which is also a great spot for hiding teleporters. If you turn the go to a faster, but more dangerous way to the point, which also offers a fantastic sentry nest to lock down the point. The rest will have to be discovered by gameplay, so if you enjoyed my map, tell me about it, I love feedback! ;)
    Oh yea, also, this map has a train that runs through the map, so, yea.

    Huge credit so Seal Zebra for making the 3D skybox and some layout


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Recent Reviews

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    Version: B6
    Graphics: Below average.
    Cliffside's textures are bad, the buildings are too blocky and the badlands theme it's just way too weak, oh and the lighting is garbage, just way too bright

    Gameplay: Slightly above average
    The middle of the map is complete crap and it needs serious polishing. Quite deadly sniper sightlines, it's clear that if you want to enjoy this map you need to either go soldier/demo or sniper and maybe scout because going any other class is boring and dull.
    Anything but the middle is kinda fun, in fact, holding the tower that is close to middle is very enjoyable

    Also Gameplay: The map claims that it has a lots of cliffs yet it only has 4 and 2 of them are not even accesible.
    The player clipping its just outright aggresive, there is player clipping where it shouldn't be about 1 out of 3 times, like that big fence that is in the middle, why not just add a wall? even better, why not a building?

    Overall: 6/10 Cliffside needs improvement.