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Change log:

Minor Patch:

-Removed candle lighting from the map. It was reportedly causing framerate issues and has thus been removed. Thank you Swissolo for bringing this to my attention!

-Cameras have been added around the point and courtyards.

-Red garage has had its upper window changed.

-Blu garage has new props in its upper window.

-Fixed lighting on a crate at mid.
I lost the original files of the map when I transitioned to working in the military, so if you find any bugs let me know! This version was decompiled from B15c and may have issues I am not aware of.
Have fun!​
Change log:

Minor Patch:

-Fixed clipping on Patio ramp and Lawn stairs.

-Fixed missing overlays that were not present.

-Changed a handful of textures.

-Resized some overlays.​
Change log:

Minor Patch:

-Lowered the left side ramp used to get on roof the same amount the point and roof were lowered in a previous update. Sniper was reported being able to get up there.

-Fixed the upper half of a valley building not having its clipping.​
Change log:

Minor Patch:

-Fixed a missing barrel in red left transition.

-Fixed broken detail geometry​
Change log:

Game Play:

-The point has been lowered.

-The roofs were lowered.

-The house on either side of the point has been lowered.

-Scout can no longer double jump from the tower ramp to roof.

-Scout can now jump to roof from the small shed in front of saw house.

-The ground around the point has been adjusted to fit the new height.

-The entrance to the left transition building has been opened up more.

Building Redesigns:

-The transition buildings on both red and blu have been given their final art pass.

-The towers at mid have been simplified to help with framerate.

Clipping fixes:

-Clipping was adjust to fit the new buildings.

Minor changes:

-The staircase in the left transition building on both sides is now a gravel pile.​
Change log:

Major Patch:

-Detail for 10 buildings around mid have been simplified to attempt to alleviate frame loss.

-Stairs have been changed on Red side to be the same as Blu in the amount of brushwork.

-Some stairs have been turned into ramps to further reduce frame loss in key areas.

-Clipping has been adjusted to match the buildings.

-Added piles of gravel on both sides to move between mid transition to left transition in the spawn area.
This update will be the one of last few before I finalize plans for rc1.
Change log:

Major Patch:

-The door to enter crane house from balcony has been moved to face the stairs instead of saw house.

-Added props and brushwork to better show players that they can't go around the other side of crane house.​
Change log:

Minor Patch:

-Fixed missing brushwork on crane house.​

-Fixed missing texture on doorway.​
Change log:

Minor Patch:

-Added missing clipping to a fence on crane house.

-Fixed version name having a capital.​
Change log:

Game Play:

-Redesigned left attack route to no longer go lower down to a stair case, but instead to be a flat platform that goes from crane house to the roof. This platform raises up in height and slightly juts out at the top for scouts.

-Health kit and ammo kit under patio are moved to the side of the platform. The kits have been moved closer to attackers.

-Shed on point has had the wall closest to the point reduced in size. this is to reduce cover for those who hid inside. A new staircase was built in it's place to make it easier to get to point from inside.

-Towers have been changed to have ramps that go around from right to pointing towards the opposing roof. This is to replace the box jump scouts once had; it ended up being clunky and requiring multiple jumps to use it properly. So the new version should better benefit those who want height from the tower.

-Blocker that use to be in between crane house and saw house has been removed and the sky box was raised in the area as well. This should make it easier to launch on to the point from left side while still stopping the defenders from utilizing it as bomb method. It most likely still will be used that way, but the sky box drops quickly making it unlikely to be a high bomb.

-Blocker in between saw house and garage has been removed.

-The previous crouch jump to jump that was in the mid transition to left transition has been removed. It has been replaced by a ramp that steadily gets higher to a simple jump at the top. This will make rotations hopefully easier while I come up with a better less ugly solution.

-Raised terrain in valley and up to mid. This is to make it easy to tap jump into saw house from mid without needing to take the previous long route. The stairs are no longer required to get into saw house. Getting on to porch in valley is also just a tap jump. This has also reduced the height difference between roof and valley.

-Raised terrain were patio used to be to better meet the new platform.

-Changed angled ramp where right transition exits in to the backyard. The angle is now a rough 30 degrees instead of 45.

Building Redesigns:

-Saw house, crane house, closet house, and valley building have had their brushwork completely redone in order to reduce total amount of textures on screen. This means that a lot of brushwork was simplified.

-Closet house got its finalized detail work.

-Closet house now only has one window.

-Valley building got its finalized detail work.

Clipping fixes:

-New clipping was made for the new platform.

-New clipping for crane house to fix what the redesign broke.

-New clipping for closet house to ensure it is up to date with the rest.

Performance fixes:

-Hints have been redone to properly cut visleafs where people can't see them. This should reduce how much is culled in at once.

-The sky box has been redone in multiple areas to help reduce the amount of unused space.

-The sky box runs along multiple building to better stop visleafs from seeing each other.

-Area portals have been placed in between valley and saw, and in between saw and crane house. This will even further help with culling out what can't be seen.

-Large amounts of brush
entities were converted to func_illusory. This is because they did not need to have clipping to them.

Minor changes:

-Removed sheet metal prop in blu saw house for brushwork that better represents the ramp.

-Redid some displacements.

-Red side spawn has new props and a change in saw design.

-Blu lost a lot of trees.

-Changed props on blu side to better fit the atmosphere of their side.

-Changed lighting on blu side to better fit the atmosphere of their side.

-Changed a large amount of textures on blu side to better fit the atmosphere of their side.

-Removed a large amount of random unseen textures.