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Compile Pal X hasn't packed the map without my knowledge and I published B1 before going away for a week. So here's Beta 1 but with a few things fixed.

  • Moved the red couch in the Fireplace room
  • Added clipping to the ramp in RED's spawn stairwell
  • Changed the grass textures around spawn stairwells
AFAIK I didn't do any changes to the layout, only added a slick coat of paint to the current map.

  • No clip brushes around the model windows.
  • No area portals (although the map has been running fairly well so far)
  • No 3d skybox
  • Middle trims will soon be neutral color


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Smaller update compared to previous iterations of Chateau. This most likely will be the final build of the map until the Beta phase.

- Reworked the spawns to redirect players into the two routes
- Lowered the Carpet rooms
- Raised the outside balcony area
- Added a nobuild area on balcony as well as a visual cue to indicate the nobuild area
- Removed the tables next to point and extended the showcases
- Added a huge artifact in the respective showcases, will be replaced by a solid model in the future
- Shifted the stairs towards the center
- Added a platform for qualified rocket jumpers (and for people who thought the rocket jumping around the castle walls are unintended)
- Replaced the previous water texture with expensive water to test framerate and issues
- Added cubemaps


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- Scrapped the mid balcony entirely, also removing a powerful Sniper angle in the process
- Moved the connector from library to main in a safe spot
- Replaced the tall walls with props for cover
- Railings no longer block projectiles
- Closed down what used to be art room, making the 2nd floor fireplace a dropdown/sniper nest area.
- Reworked the cliffside into a proper structure
--- In theory, the cliff was meant to be a way for people getting pushed off site to have a chance to come back. In practice, it was seldom used as Pyros couldn't airblast properly, almost being exclusively used by Spies. I've reworked it as a proper area for fighting, but kept it deliberately open so that Snipers wouldn't be completely left out.
- Removed a ton of awkward sniper angles
- Added a few decorative props
- Spawns have been reworked to promote further the flanking route (fireplace room)
- Removed the risky platform in Fireplace room
- Replaced the large health kit by two medium health kits (As suggested by hutty)
- Removed the pickups near spawn (As suggested by SirUnknown)
- [Undocumented in A2] Retracted the large pillars seen on the wall of the map to make rocket jumping from Stairs to Outside Mid easier
First update, mainly addressing some layout issues. Thanks to the guys over at TF2Maps.net for suggestions & testing!

- Changed the skybox
- Reworked the control point
 - Added extra cover facing towards the balconies
 - Extended the windowed walls
 - Added a small cliff to reward people who strafe/double-jump quickly while being pushed off
- Widened the main point room
- Lowered the middle balconies
- Reworked Fireplace room
 - Move the chimney/fireplace next to the wall
 - Added couches for cover
 - Carved out unnecessary walls
- Engineers can no longer put sentries on the walls covering the bottom slope
- Hallway from Library to Main area now split towards the fireplace room
- Clipped the windows
- Removed the railings from 2nd floor area
 - Added a wall ("Art Room") in order to cover awkward Sniper angles
- A bunch of other changes I forgot to note that you can find out for yourself