Chateau Event rc1

Halloween variant cp_steel

  1. Release 1

    Placed into final release in anticipation of Scream Fortress. With this update comes a number of small fixes, mostly clipping. Got some sweet pictures, though.
  2. Lighting improvements and fixes

    The main point of this update was to improve the lighting. That's about it, as well as the usual list of small fixes.

    I've sent an email to the original makers of Steel to ask about the workshop submission.
  3. Fixes and Improvements

    Uploading this to coincide with a Workshop update. Here's a big list of improvements:

    - Deathpit has been shortened, have fun dying faster! It's also received a much-deserved redecoration.
    - Skeletons have been reduced during gameplay. Players dying in pits will no longer make them appear, and capping a point only summons two.
    - The Skeleton Manhunt has been shortened, and skeletons will continuously spawn the longer the event lasts. Hopefully this will stop large groups from forming so...
  4. More progress!

    Thank you to all who helped test and provide feedback during the last imp. I was able to make a significant amount of changed based on your feedback.


    - The Big Finale. Ask and you shall receive, though this was planned from the beginning. At the end of each round, the entire map turns into a game of TF2 zombies, as the map opens up and skeletons pour in. The winning team gets fully healed and spawns in an advantageous position together, while the losers get dumped all around the...
  5. Nearing release

    Chateau is almost done and ready to enter RC status! Going to send it though extensive testing after this to iron as much out as possible.


    - Major detailing on the exterior. I tried to evoke a Gothic theme, though it's still kind of a castle.
    - Gutters! On all of (most of) the roofs!
    - Certain rickety structures will creak under your weight.
    - Did the final pass for ambient sounds.
    - A monster lurks somewhere...
    - Skeletons will spawn in specific locations when points are...
  6. 3D Skybox

    Added a 3d skybox. I think I'll submit it for testing later today, then I'll work with the feedback and add in the spooky event.
  7. New name + Fixes

    -Changed the name to cp_chateau_event. Is this good? Is this bad? It's a more fitting name than cp_steel_event, it's what I've always referred to this map by in my head. Someone let me know if this was a bad idea.
    -Fixed cubemaps. The lighting should be good to go now... except for a few glitches here and there.
    -A texture overhaul for the cliffs and ground. Looks muuuuch nicer! Combined with the fully functional HDR, everything should look pretty much how I want it.

    Things to do:
  8. More improvements

    - Did some work on the interior lighting to make it more interesting. Changed the atmosphere from warm and inviting to positively loaded with spooks (maybe an exaggeration).
    - Added some ambient sounds
    - Fixed the basement area

    Things to do:
    - Fix cubemaps
    - Add that skeleton thing
    - Get detail sprites working
    - Fix water issues
  9. Improvements

    -Redid a lot of the chateau exterior. Looks bigger, grander!
    -Added in some of those sweet new blood overlays
    -Made some small changes based on feedback from limited testing. Mostly clipping.
    -Compiled with HDR on. I know this has something to do with nicer lighting, but I'm not sure. It made the overall lighting a little prettier, but it apparently makes any reflective surface full bright. How do I get this working?

    Things to do:
    - Add a special end-of-round-event involving skeleton...