Centrocom a12a

Urban themed shopping district, compact, HL:D inspired map.

  1. SB379
    This is a fast paced koth map with a high skybox limit, where the gameplay plays around and pools in towards the center. On mid both teams have multiple ways to get onto point, with opportunity to flank through one's battlements. Features no-build shutters

    The design can be consdered as the inverse of Product, with intermission favoring the spawning team with better power positions and many trapping opportunities.

    The desired theme is a shopping center modified for mercenary action in the middle of an urban city in a cold dawn day.

    As of now, versions A2-A9 are available on na.serveme.tf as koth_concrete_alpha[X] naming convention.

    Playtesting info
    4s: Fighting can occur at any place in the map due to the relatively small map size and time to mid. The Deathmatch style complements the more CQC of the lower player size.

    -Map does best on this mode due to the deathmatch style of the map. Soldiers and Demos have many bombing opportunities, Scouts have many opportunities to flank, and Pockets can challenge roamers due to the open skybox and safe batts/shutter. Combo has multiple places to collapse and to attack from.

    With minimal cover on mid, sniper has many advantages for good sightlines. Sniper tends to dominate. However, sniper can be countered due to the multiple options an enemy sniper has to challenge.

    Aggressive holds are more effective in preventing pushes to mid. Passive holding tends to push back the defending team into their batts.

    Map flow rewards classes like spy and scout for maneuvering effectively.

    koth_concrete_alpha9b (can be found on na.servme.tf) demo: https://demos.tf/380762#76561198084679109

    To-Do List:
    -Give both spawns more doors and probably increase the size.
    -Detail the main intermission entrance
    -Better batts windows
    -Probably nerf more sniper sightlines

    Known issues:
    -Sniper is effective, probably too effective, on this map.


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