Center A4

Prototype KOTH map

  1. The "Gameplay" update

    It's me sized!
    Changes include:
    -Elevated one side of spawn
    -Changed area outside of spawn to help discourage spawncamping
    -Rearranged some pickups
    -Added arrows
    -Fixed an issue where there was more room to cap the point on RED's side than on BLU's
    -Changed the second floor to make the outside roof in the middle less powerful
    -Nerfed some sightlines
    -Raised the top of the point
    -Made it easier for a team to push back out to mid. (Hopefully)
    -Changed lighting. Again.
    -Rotated the small inclines on either side of mid
    -Moved doorways. Like- a LOT of doorways.
    -Made the rooms to the left of spawn have a purpose
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