Center A4

Prototype KOTH map

  1. The "Woah! This is the same map?!?!" Update

    It's me sized!
    Changes include:
    -Added second floor
    -Changed layout- no more corridors
    -Removed the lighting thing people wanted me to remove that I still can't remember the abbreviation for for the life of me
    -Made different rooms visually distinct
    -Made the map less cramped
    -Made height variation a little bit more varied
    -Changed the central control point
    -Added some props
    -Raised the skybox
    -Widened Doors
    -Made doors taller
    -Made the outside ground a darker brush
    -Added more Health + Ammo pickups, made some closer to point

    Phew. There's probably more I don't remember. That is a lot of changes, huh? Well, we'll see how it works out when we test it.
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