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Well, my map got tested for the first time! Exciting stuff! Anyways, the play testers provided some very useful feedback; thanks to everybody who participated! On to the patch notes!

-----Major Changes-----

+ Added additional details

+ Brightened up the RED exit from the spawn courtyard

+ Piled up some junk to the spawn exit flanks

- Removed the crates from mid

- Removed collisions from the cones in mid

-----Bug Fixes-----

* Changed the spawn door trigger outputs from OnStartTouch to OnStartTouchAll

* Removed damage push from death pit triggers
Unfortunately, an issue came up while play testing that I didn't experience while play testing by myself. That issue being, BLU spawned inside the RED spawn room, as did RED. As you can imagine, that wasn't enjoyable for anybody! This issue should be fixed now, and hopefully you all will enjoy!