72hr Jam 2022 cd_datalink_72_b2 2017-02-13

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72hr Jam 2022 cd_datalink_72_b2 2017-02-13

A map demonstrating a custom built gamemode about destroying computers!

"One of the few collaborations between 'Builder's Leauge United' and 'Reliable Excavation and Demolition' was something called the 'Centralized Advanced Computerized Security System', or C.A.C.S. System; Used to not only store top secret information, but also to directly control many different facilities and bases from a single location."

"After being shut down 72 hours after it's conception, C.A.C.S was immediately forgotten about; until just 1 hour and 22 minutes ago! And the [Insert Enemy Name Here] Team is planning on using it for themselves!"

Welcome to Datalink!

For this Year's (or whatever) 72-hour Jamberino, I've decided to remake my ancient and crusty custom "cd" gamemode! From scratch!

This custom gamemode is essentially KOTH, but with a twist!
Instead of a capture point to fight over, there are two destructible computer terminals in its place.

To capture the point, you must shoot and destroy the enemy team's computer terminal. When you destroy all computer panels within, your team's computers will take its place! Failure to destroy all of them within 10 seconds will cause them to respawn. Keep your computers safe for (a collective) 3 minutes to win!


- The layout is, admittedly, pretty poopy; but the focus of the map was the gamemode (also, this was my first time making a layout)

- I originally intended this to be a 5cp map (like the original datalink), but I could not make the required elements (the ability to lock a terminal, etc) for it in time.

- Despite all of that, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished; especially since this is my first real TF2 map (or as close to what can be called real)!


- Me (F Schomanno), for the idea 'n' stuff.

- The people over at the TF2Maps Discord voice chat, whom'st memed me, playtested the map that one time, and probably helped me with somthin' or another.
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