Cauldron a10

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Cauldron a10

By Shmitz

Like the ingredients of a fine soup, bits of intelligence from all over the world gather here on Cauldron Island, simmering in the tropical heat as mad schemes of world domination are cooked up.

The island's two resident forces are no longer content to share such prime real estate, however, and their gluttony for valuable information has led to a bitter conflict as each tries to toss out the other like yesterday's slop.

CP_Cauldron is a 5 control point push map with mirror symmetry. The final points are on the outer cliffs of the island. Points 2/4 are at the core of each side's data center. The middle point is on the radar deck overlooking the island's central caldera lake.

Right now, I'm mostly looking for feedback on layout, class balance, and signage.
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