Catwalk 72 A3

PL map made for the 2020 72 hour jam

  1. aaa

    Last update before the Jam ends I think!
    First playtest was mixed. It caused some players to leave out of frustration which sucks, but on the plus side I got feedback like "!gf I like round door". Biggest issue was definitely D, which was a tough pill to swallow because it's the namesake of the map!
    I was surprised that people seemed to like A the most, when it was the point I threw together most carelessly towards the end of the blocking stage. 100% win rate for Blu seems to definitely show that I favour offence over defence for fear of bad chokes.

    -Completely overhauled Red's defensive structures at last
    -You can now access the Catwalk from the lowground via pipes
    -Added ammo to key defensive locations at D (previously I had assumed being near to spawn would mean defenders wouldn't need ammo)
    -Simplified areas around D to make them smaller and easier to focus
    -Experimental: Blocked off some hallways at C to try and nerf annoying Spies and flankers and concentrate more around the objective. Also reduced some ammo kits. Because I'm so afraid of having impenetrable chokes, I tend to go overboard with flanking options and I think this led to some of the frustration (that wasn't at D) in the playtest. Hopefully point C will stand for longer now.
    -Reduced Red respawn time at C to 7 (from 10)
    -Added doors to prevent over-the-top flanks at A. They open after A is captured
    -Experimental: The Stupid Flank closes after A is capped, making it more of a rollout route for Red at round start. I think it disorganizes everything around B, and it feels way too simple for Blu to use and stop any B defence before it can start. Thought heavily about whether I should do this, because I don't want the final version for the Jam to choke at B. But I think it's for the best and I never even saw a hold at B that lasted long.
    -Simplified Stupid Flank
    -Clipped off Blu spawn 1 roof
    -Raised clip brush over fence at B
    -Fixed being able to build inside Blu spawn 1
    -Brightened some areas
    -Sewed displacement seams
    -other stuff idk im tired, doing this at 4am

    -Todo: I think last is still too big in some areas. A sentry being able to shoot the far wall from the balcony in front of the catwalk would be a comfortable distance. Should shrink the catwalk doorway and bring the back wall closer, kills sightlines a bit too
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