DynCP Catalyst A1

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DynCP Catalyst A1

Fight for full network control in a dynamic 3CP-Steel hybrid!

"Fight for full network control in a dynamic 3CP-Steel hybrid!"

I spent roughly 47 hours making this, and I won't update it for DynCP because I would like to keep it as a true 72HR-DynCP map. Originally made as a Steelpit for smaller groups (around 12-16 players), this was reworked into it's current 3CP-Steel state (first symmetrical DynCP?). Custom assets were made by me and will be released eventually.

When middle is capped (takes 22 seconds), it opens another pathway to last, and reduces the time of it to 7 seconds (from 34 seconds because it is always open).

However, I have noticed:
  • sometimes visleafs were not completely cut or render areas wrong
  • the lighting is worse than the original lighting (due to rotations)
  • there are a few nasty sightlines from mid to lobby
  • middle is a bit skinny and thin, but this does prevent last from being backcapped too easily
After the DynCP is over, I will gladly remake the map from scratch to fix various gameplay and visual issues.
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  1. 11-Hour Last-Minute Overhaul

    (posting updates and screenshots later)