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- Switched from sound override method to soundscript method for custom sounds, this will fix any sound issues when switching maps
- Replaced many (not all!) weapon sounds with fitting Half Life or Quake sounds using soundscripts
*If you run into any problems with sound (notibly the "failed to create decoder for MP3" console spam), first try snd_restart in console as a quickfix, and then delete all sound.cache files (tf folder > search for sound.cache > delete all) and restart TF2. This map plays around with sound a lot, so things can be "funky" at times.
- Added health and ammo packs
- Teleporter Added to RED side, takes RED team to first capture point, dissapears once passed by cart.
- Teleporter Prop added to BLU
- Fixed teleport sprite at BLU spawn
- Added cover between First and Second point
- Added cover at final area near RED spawn


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New Version!

- Pretty sure I fixed the skybox, can't test this but it seems to work
- Optimised the map a bit more
- Did a final compile of the map without the cordon tool left on, D'oh!
- Added missing sound files

- Final point and Red spawn redone so it's less easy for RED to Camp final area
- Cart now goes towards the Nihilanth
- Centre island no longer moves up and down, pool of water stops fall damage (also heals slightly)
- Houndeyes have been repositioned and given more animations

- Announcer lines has been replaced by custom Vox lines
- Fungus Balls! right now you can walk through them but I'll fix that later
- Glow Lights added to map

Known Issues
- Sometimes sound files break and spam console. To fix this, delete your soundcache under tf/sound, this should only happen once if it every does
- Fungus balls have no hitbox
- Some of the Nihilanth's logic will still run after the game is run.
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