Casino City B7c

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  1. B7: More polish edition

    4 days shy until a year in the making, hopefully it will have been worth the wait. Beta 7 revamps all the minigames' visuals so they don't look like their alpha versions anymore. There are also a few enhancements to the main map to keep the important areas a bit more interesting than concrete walls everywhere.
    • Added Blackjack!
    • New and Improved custom visuals for all games!
    • Overall artpass enhancements to map!
    • Replaced H Bomb with a Special Prize
    • Fixed Kamikaze taunt exploit.
    • Chips bots that reach the hatch no longer collect money.
    • Fixed case with chips boss and normal bomb being funky.
    • Changes to some stairs for better movement.
    • Expanded red spawn nobuild zone.
    • When a bot gets close to the hatch, the bot path does not reset anymore.
    • Fixed tanks falling into the pit.
    • Fixed door_upgrade and upgrade_front relays.
    • Fixed games_close_relay and games_open_relay.
    20191111201829_1.jpg 20191111202045_1.jpg 20191111202110_1.jpg 20191111202240_1.jpg 20191111202319_1.jpg 20191111202510_1.jpg 20191111202526_1.jpg 20191111202608_1.jpg 20191111202716_1.jpg 20191111202927_1.jpg
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