Cashworks rc

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Cashworks rc


"Let´s give people what they are getting tired of asking for!"
That might beluck them with a struck to their heart,
and let´s be entirely honest, isn´t that what we are here for?

so here you go!

Download [Drobbox][TF2Maps]

.Cashworks (PL) - Final 1
.by Wojtek "eerieone" Michalak
.Custom Explosion by Jive Turkey
.Custom Team Logos by moe012
.Custom Team Holograms by Artesia
.Custom Intro Movie by Wick

Special Thanks:
Everyone on
TF2Xploits´s Bloodhound & Xeramon
C$W-Clan r.i.p FLOOR-MASTER & 2f2f
.Mangy Carface
Thanks for the many buttkicks & kind words
First release
Last update

Latest reviews

Excellent Payload map. Always happy to see this on a rotation :3
As old as this is, I'm surprised this never made it into the game, heck no one even plays this on Creators.TF. If Valve uses this site for getting new maps, they should def consider this.
Just a great map!
Great map - play it often
Such a fantastic map since payload is my favorite gamemode this would make a great addition to the game THINK ABOUT IT VALVE
Cashworks is one of my absolute favourite custom maps and a great payload map which has numerous flanking opportunities and varied gameplay. A truly terrific map that I wish Valve would add to the game so I could play it on a full server!
Fantastic map, could do with less huge sightlines and slightly more cover for incoming fire.
This map feels a lot like classic TF2. Green, sunny, big... I love this map
Pretty good PL map for pubs. I really like the details
Fun map that I don't see enough of. A large variety of fighting areas that change at every point. Last point is absolutely the best part though (shoving people off the bridge is a good amount of fun).