Multi Stage Carme S1A2

Autumnal Payload Map

  1. Super Hey Ya

    Super Hey Ya

    • Shifted what I called the "balcony hold" to no longer see into two spawns, door is now connected to the side hold
    • ^ That room has been extended, crates thrown in to split combat a bit
    • Replaced the wooden stairs leading from the side route out of A replaced with a platform
    • Made the room leading to the window room slightly larger, also made window room extend out more
    • Warehouse large medkit reduced to medium
    • Fences on the ramp to B brought away a bit to allow players to use the cart as cover, also tossed in some crates
    • Gave Red a platform by B
    Overall some adjustments with a routing change. I'll be looking at routing and layout changes, notably with B, in order to improve gameplay and make combat a bit more interesting.
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