72hr Caracol A2

Mayann KOTH

  1. bazooka
    This is a Mayann KOTH map with its layout based around the triadic pyramid structure. The layout has a sharp turn from the second court to mid, which introduces some challenges in balancing routes and guiding the player towards the capture area.

    This is my first map, so I expect it will need a lot of work.

    Many thanks to the Mayann Project team for the prop pack, EArkham for an additional set of 96 unit high stair models, A Boojum Snark for the mapping resource pack, and Riintouge for VIDE.


    1. court_a.jpg
    2. court_b.jpg
    3. mid_1.jpg
    4. mid_2.jpg
    5. mid_3.jpg
    6. transition_b2.jpg

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