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Canyon A1

It's rickety, I'll work on it.

  1. Dr. Acula
    Hello, I'm a new member of the website, as in I officially joined today as I'm typing this. So bear with me as I do everything wrong surrounding my upload.

    This is just your run-of-the-mill CTF map with a small twist. A section of the map that leads directly to the Intel from Mid is closed-off until the intelligence is picked up. The doors to the area are closed-off after the intelligence is captured or reset. There is a way to get out of the area if you're caught in it, so don't worry. (See screenshots below)

    17_door_function.jpg 18_door_function.jpg

    Even now I'm considered changing up how easily the defenders can access the area while it's closed-off, along with which doors open at what speed, so I'm hoping to get it tested to see how people like it.


    1. 01_main.jpg
    2. 02_main_side.jpg
    3. 03_blu_door.jpg
    4. 04_blu_battlements.jpg
    5. 06_blu_entrances.jpg
    6. 09_blu_resupply.jpg
    7. 10_red_pitfall.jpg
    8. 12_red_entrance_intel.jpg
    9. 14_red_intel_overview.jpg
    10. 15_red_security_breach.jpg
    11. 16_red_reserve_ducts.jpg