Canyon b1a

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This is just a quick bug-fix update since I recently had an epiphany on how to fix a bug with the new PD-based logic (the epiphany is to turn off the "causes a bug" setting).

Not all of the changes made have been tested, but they should work! If not, let me know!

- Using VScript, removed the need for server operators to modify sv_allow_point_servercommand
- Increased the phys_pushscale from 9 to 12
- Fixed players dropping flags, messing with the score-keeping on the HUD
- Added clipping to the perch outside of the forward spawn exit, to make prop-jumping easier
- Added a light to the perch on RED's side, due to it previously being in shadow
- Slightly lowered the phys_pushscale multiplier, from 10 to 9
- Finished detailing the map, although I might've missed a spot or two. Please point them out!
- Adjusted pickup sizes and locations

- Replaced the alcove-side security fences with a low wood fence

- Added a new "perch"


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There are a few visual bugs in this version (such as visible nodraw "holes" and non-sewn displacements near the rock arch and texture misalignments in the spawn rooms) but since these are minor and shouldn't affect gameplay I'll leave them in until the next version

-- Made the map aesthetics more Badlands-like
-- Reworked the logic to use a PD hud, as some players found the previous CP-based hud confusing.
-- Added a secret room that's probably not too difficult to find, honestly

-- Added high fences around mid
-- Replaced the "silo" with a rock formation
-- Replaced the wooden structure separating the main path and the alcove with the rock arc used in earlier versions
-- Smoothed out the side ramp up to the alcove

-- Added a second route across mid from the alcove to beside the bridge on the enemy's side of mid. Can also be used as a high-risk-high-reward pipeball path.
-- Shrunk and lowered the sniper perch

-- Expanded it, and made it suck less
-- Added a large ammo pack to incentivize players (especially Engineers) to defend back there.


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- Added collision to the conveyor props near mid

I removed the clip walls blocking these off, but I forgot to check if they had collision. They didn't, but now they do!
- Added several more env_cubemap entities around the map in attempt to reduce 'weird cubemap' issues
- Updated the lighting and skybox to match cp_badlands
- Replaced the game_text_tf entities with plain game_text entities, as some players could not see them
- Made the white ball slightly lighter
- Increased the time added on goal from 30s to 1m15s
- Reduced timer from 8 minutes to 6 minutes.
- Increased maximum timer length from 8 minutes to 10 minutes
- Clipping fixes
- Fixed time not being added on goal

- Moved the bridge ammopacks off to the side
- Increased the healthpacks from small to medium
- Removed the clip brushes over the conveyors by the bridge
- Removed one of the "silos" on the ramp up to mid
- Added some pipeball-exclusive clipping to help round out corners the ball tends to get stuck in

- Increased the goal size from 192hu to 224hu
- Detailing tweaks

- Reduced the heathkit size from a medium to a small, as the kits are very close to the spawn exit
- Reduced the length of the alcove by 128hu to combat Sniper dominance
- Converted the "mine cart scaff" into a reachable area. This is an experiment, and if it performs badly it will be regressed

- Slightly widened the cliff-side spawn and added two more spawn points
- Added a wedge bumper in front of the cliff-side spawn exit


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- Changed the "gutterball" sound effect to the PASS Time crowd boo
- The pipeballs now destroy buildings they touch
- Increased the hurt radius of the black ball, from 112hu to 144hu
- Scoring a goal now adds 30 seconds to the round timer
- Scoring a goal now displays a "[team] scored! Resetting..." message
- Increased the phys_pushscale point_servercommand, from 5 to 7.5
- Shortened setup time from 15 to 10 seconds, so players spend less time trapped in spawn.

- Added directions at spawn
- Removed the side route
- Heightened the brushwork fences at mid by 8hu, making it 40hu tall
---- The fence is "extended" to 128hu using pipeball-exclusive clipping, making it harder to send the ball into the canyon at the start of the round
- Shortened the arena-side spawn exit triggers by 64 units, to help mitigate accidental spawn door opening
---- This change does not apply to the spawn doors behind each team's goal

- Fixed several spawn doors that could be opened by players on the opposite team
- Added clip brushes that were missing on the cliffs near mid

- Scoring a winning goal still displays the "Respawning..." popup, but only if the black ball hasn't spawned


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- Removed the resupply locker Tom Cruise cutouts
- Fixed the wonky shadows
- Fixed the doors not starting locked at the beginning on a round
- Fixed the pipeballs not consistently glowing (hopefully)
- Removed the "sv_allow_point_servercommand check" logic, as it doesn't work outside of listen servers
- Added the standard "force-respawn-on-goal" logic
- Added a filter to the func_clip_vphysics brushes, so they exclusively block pipeballs as intended
---- In prior versions, they also blocked a number of projectiles. Sorry, Demoman mains!
- Made the Black Ball warning less intense
- Made the pipeballs slightly lighter
- Added a glow to the pipeballs to improve visibility


- Redesigned the entire map to be block several sightlines, as well as make everything more interesting.
- Lowered the bridge at mid to be at the same height as the area surrounding it
- Added a small heathkit near mid
- Split the rear arena entrance into two doorways to better resemble other Pipeball maps
- Shortened the map by ~256hu on both sides

- Made the 'sniper deck' larger, and added additional cover
- Increased the ammopack from a small to a medium
- Added a flank that brings players just past mid

- Doors are not locked during setup
- Pipeball glowing isn't consistently enabled
- Player and pipeball shadows are, to put it lightly, funky.