Canyon Pass A5

A balanced Capture the Flag match in a Canyon.

  1. Alpha 2

    Changelog (A1 -> A2)
    * Added Spectator Cameras
    * Added "Curves" to the Walls, infront of the bases and to the sides.
    * Fixed Texture Alignments on ramps.
    * Modified Lighting on Intelegence (to be the same - for now)
    * Modified Blu Base Lighting (made it wider)
    * Changed Luxels on front of BLU base where light hits (from 16 to 14)
    * Fixed RED and BLU spawndoors not filling the space (resized space)
    * Made forward path wider.
    * Replaced doors with ABS's props. Hey, the old ones worked but the new ones look better.
    * Added corners to center.
    * Areaportaled spawndoors and base entrances (and skylight!)
    * Added two small ammo packs in center (on the cornered sides)
    * Added health packs (medium) to the courtyard outside of the bases.
    * Changed height of door slightly (it's lowered 2hu)
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