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Cannery b11c

A fast paced city map with a lot of ramps. Designed for 6v6.

  1. Anguish
    Koth_Cannery is a map designed for fast 6v6 gameplay, favouring the projectile classes, giving them a lot of toys to jump, surf and fight around. At heart, cannery is basically a jump map. Go nuts, guys.
    (Shoutouts to Mak Discord (testing) and Arie (serveme.tf premium for testing purposes))
    Demonstration Gfycat

    Screenshots of the map, valid to b11c:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. corpsgrinder360
    Version: a8
    Looks pretty good i like the water area the most :P
  2. Anonymous
    Version: A2
    very fun but a few glaring issues in it's current alpha state (sightlines and overall size)