Canaveral [5CP]

Canaveral [5CP] Rc5

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  • Clipping around doorways
  • More clipping
  • Some texture changes
  • Replaced all assets to be in line with asset pack, mostly in name only
  • Some prop changes. Replaced some chairs with folding varients.
  • Lighting changes on non-HDR version. Sun is halved in brightness. This should have always been the case but I seemed to have broken it at some point
  • Edge wear on metal walls closer to the floor
  • Clipping fixes all over the map
More to come yet. Just wanted to get some fixes out before the weekend.
Map is also packed with latest version of Compilepal, all assets should hopefully be packed.
  • Fixed a bug with forwards spawns
  • Clipping fixes
  • Some clipping fixes
  • Fixed some assets not being packed correctly
Worth noting, this might cause a conflict between workshop and site versions. Be warned
  • More detailing around last for both sides.
  • Soundscape packing
  • Some bug fixes regarding render order between skybox and last
  • Redid geo around mid a bit
    • I dont think the last one was very inspired or interesting to detail. Nor did it flow together well with the rest of the tower
    • 1681906491797.png
    • Big thanks to Rhamkin for helping me concept this one.
  • Some bugfixing
  • Some updates to clipping
  • Adjustments to finale particles
  • Detailed some rooms around last for both sides. Areas that were just missing their final polish
First time trying to pack with CompilePal instead of Vide, so I suspect some stuff might be missing. We will see.
  • New rocket tower and models
    • Updated rocket model and new texture to fit the original Saturn V better
    • New animations and updated particles to fit closer to a rocket ascent rate
    • New arms and clamps so the rocket isnt just hovering
    • Skybox versions of all clamps, more assets in the skybox to stop visibility flickers
  • More assets and art around the map
    • Red spawn recieved its first pass
    • Both spawns have a projector with exposition
    • New chair models for Blu
    • Some detailing in less travelled areas
    • New walls for Blu
      • Still trying to lock down the style of Blu last
If all goes well, this marks the last major technical hurdle for Canaveral, and I can move onto final polish and detailing. So far, so good. Lets hope we can see this through to the end.
  • Fixed some missing textures
  • Fixed mid not being moved with the rest of the capture zone
  • Culled off both lasts for performance
  • Added some new props for blu side
  • Some clipping fixes
This was a bit of a rushed compile, might be stuff missing.