Canale B2


  1. Bi-Eternal Update Drop

    Well... that took a month...

    Added a pit with molten metal in it
    20190120124328_1.jpg Added a second red spawn to last 20190120124511_1.jpg Added a wooden structure to last 20190120124336_1.jpg Thinned the flank at first 20190120124604_1.jpg RIP bell 20190120124421_1.jpg Opened up this room and added a new door 20190120124404_1.jpg Another look at the new spawn room 20190120124516_1.jpg This door opens when the gate opens 20190120124705_1.jpg Made first easier to defend 20190120124413_1.jpg Added this perch area at first 20190120124621_1.jpg A look at the nifty lighting in the warehouse 20190120124715_1.jpg
    Alright, thats all for A9, I'll post A10 some other eternity
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