Brush based Tracks

Brush based Tracks V1.2

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Brush based Tracks V1.2

Tracks for PL but it's brushes

Finally i'm doing something more than just a map. I made those to help me make PL maps, and hopefully other people will find a use for it. The idea is that you have tracks that can be modified to suit your map, terrain, displacement, whatever you want.
If you want to use them, at least credit me when you use them, i did put work on these thing, and i really want to be able to provide "quality" early brush tracks. You can changed the textures if you fancy.
The file is a VMF, preferably opened in hammer as a map to select your tracks of choice. I don't recommand opening it as a prefab
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  1. 1 more track

    I just added one : a track for slopes. I thought it was necessary, but because i can't have much time, i made only one. It's 128 units long and goes up 64 units.