Brine RC3a

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Fixed the missing soundscapes, oops
The seagulls now explode
New custom particle and sound effects added
Minor visual adjustments
Clipping fixes
Optimization tweaks
RC2 Changelog:
-Fixed out-of-bounds exploit on map
-Fixed a number of minor clipping exploits on the map
-Fixed missing soundscape
-Adjusted some doorways in the transitionary building going into mid to be wider
-A number of small optimization tweaks
-A number of small visual fixes
-Those birds are starting to get suspicious
Removed paths into drop down area next to the point, opened up the sides of the upper area
Removed cover walls on capture zone (as a test)
Added anti-cover roof slopes off new upper area next to point
Opened a number of areas up to make it feel less tight, including the area next to the center cap
Added new ramp up coming out of spawn courtyard, for optimization/ home-turf advantages
Added path into sewer route from spawn, to help make it more useful
Increased size and quantity of health and ammo packs
Increased lighting all over map
Some other stuff, probably
Lowered the water level to fix the crouch bouncing issue. TODO: Provide a deep water area in the main open body of water
Removed the two facing doors on the upper side behind the capture and made a new route to the drop down
Added a new accessible upper area next to the point
Raised/ blocked off the roof to the building in front of the point that showed to be over powered in the last test
Changed the skybox/ overall lighting, brightened up some areas. TODO: brighten up some of the darkest spots
Some minor health/ ammo adjustments
Fixed an areaportal issue
Adjusted some minor issues
Added more gameplay geometry
Added gameplay influencing props/ micro gameplay elements
Adjust health/ ammo placement
Fixed missing symmetry
I dunno, some other stuff