Breakthrough a2a

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Breakthrough a2a

A breakthrough in my mapping theory that allowed me to get back to testing.

Courtesy of Yrrzy, I experienced a breakthrough in my personal theories of how to construct a TF2 map. Thus, I've finally been able to leave the theoretical drawing board with some level of confidence once more, and return to iterating on prototypes.

The map itself revolves around a theory where every hold location is defined by it's connection to other areas, and thus a rock-paper-scissors system can be constructed that favors any particular area, and there's a sort of balance.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Experimental Branch

    After a break, I have returned to do some experimenting. This is a branch of my main map, to test some hypotheses people brought up about the high ground path. Here's the changes: Turned the ramp to the high ground on the enemy's side to a...
  2. A Breakthrough Indeed!

    My theoretical structure of TF2 mapping is finally coming together! I've been able to extract more feedback than ever from playtests, which means I can confidently make some big changes: Added a doorway between the high ground flank and the...

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Very fun map, just a tad bit of confusion when first played.