boyegolovka a7b

my attempt at payload

  1. geegor102
    This is my first attempt at payload.
    The map includes an Akira elevator, Missle silo, and bad brushwork. I hope it gets better as I work on it!

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  1. Aleph Null
    Aleph Null
    Version: a7b
    I hate to give out "Poor" reviews, but: The first half of this map is too compact, and the last point is way to... humble? It seems like once Blu gets ahold of the cart, there's no stopping them from just walking right up and spawncamping Red unless Red is lucky enough to spawn on the left side of last (which I never saw happen). The elevator idea redeems this map a lot, as I haven't seen it done in such a way before. I'm sure you know of the glitch whenever you stand atop the cart while it's moving on the elevator, and fixing that would be super (if it's possible). My only other complaint would be how easy it looks for a Blu Sniper to spawncamp Red's first spawn with little to no risk. Excellent attempt, though starting completely from scratch might be a better use of your time.
    1. geegor102
      Author's Response
      hey- I'm pretty sure your talking about a6 or below. the final point has hopefully been fixed, and red is easily able to defend earlier parts of the map without being rolled. we haven't had a blue sniper spawncamp in playtests, so I don't think this is a problem. I also don't understand how you never saw red spawn on last. I have also spent a few weeks trying to fix the hecking elevator bug to no avail. as well that most of the issues that you mentioned can be fixed in a few versions.