Border Conflict A6

First map I've ever created.

  1. beute^
    As this is my first map that I've ever created, It is a very ugly map which has so far not been optimized except some func_detailing and no-drawing face's that should be able to be seen.

    Set in a Mountainous Region on a secret Island in the Bering Strait, BLU and RED own two Mountain peaks, where they have built military bases to hold their side of the Mountain in the case of an attack.

    RED's base on the Mountain is on the Soviet Union's half of the Island they own, and BLU's base is on the American half of the Island.

    big thanks to:
    -Sedimentary Socks for creating the bottle of the Scotsman's Stagger.
    -NeoDement for creating the Scottish Handshake
    -MaccyF for creating the bomb-less cart prop.
    -The Frontline! Team for creating many props I have used.


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