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i forgot to enable game logic :p
-added halloween mode
major changes:
-Blu spawn was fully remade
-B point was changed to give more advantage to red team
major changes:
-the path to point B is changed
-choke between B and C was changed, point C was lowered to give blu more advantage
-changed the shortcut to B from point A
-added 1 more path to point C
-started detailing
Major changes:
-New layout for point C
-Added halloween pumpkins
-now the shortcut door opens for blu when B point is captured
-Added easter egg
bug fixes:
-Fixed the bug with grates


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So, the changes:
-changed the bridge area, added stairs to the top of the bridge
-changed the area behind A
-the garage area was moved back to expand the area
-the route to point B was lowered
-added fences under catwalk on point A

-and many more
did a lot of changes to the gameplay, mainly A and B point's were updated
I changed a lot since first playtest
-removed barrels, remade the tunnel and area behind the A point, added a walkway to point A which closes after point is captured, added forward spawn for blu, reduced spawn times, added more ammo for red and more health for blu
Added a ton of things with the help of my friend - Spookytoad
-added point alarm lights, blocked doors, red base explosion at the end of the round, enchanced the closed room behind the last point to be more dangerous, explosion barrels (later will be changed to new model), changed the right route from point C to point B.
-added "hot" easter egg