1. Hi5TBone
    a/d ctf with a bomb

    formerly b2b


    *Point A explosion now deals only 50 dmg
    *Raised point B
    *Removed all effects while carrying the bomb besides dealing mini-crits
    *Added defensive buff when carrying bomb
    *General space / layout changes in front of blue's 1st spawn
    *Changed all glass textures
    *Added stairway connecting balconies at point B

    *Added various nobuild
    *Decreased range of bomb alarm on 2nd point
    *Added playable area to the right of red's 2nd spawn

    *Removed all doors affecting gameplay
    *Added voiceline for returned bomb
    *Revamped area after point 1
    *Revamped point 2 area
    *Lowered blue's 2nd spawn

    *Fixed double cap announcements on 2nd point
    *Reduced 2nd point cap time by 0.4 seconds
    *Adjusted props outside of 1st blue spawn
    *Changed glass textures to be more visible
    *Added playable area to the left of blue's 1st spawn
    *Increased speed of point 1's main door

    Layout Changes:
    *Widened blue's left hallway at 2nd point spawn
    *Moved red spawn backwards from the 2nd point
    *Added playable area in the back/left of 2nd point
    *Slightly reduced red's high ground at blue's 1st left spawn
    *Raised "secret" door
    *Added ramp connecting "secret" door and new playable area

    *Extended respawnrooms in blue spawn
    *Adjusted respawn times
    *Fixed 2nd blue respawn door from overlapping
    *Fixed 1st intel door from overlapping

    *Added playable area in the back of point B
    Gameplay Changes:
    *Added alarm sound when bomb nears a point
    *Added alert sound when point is being captured
    *Added CTF Compass
    *Added 4 second capture time
    *Capture resets when bomb leaves point or is dropped

    *Added nobuild in blue spawn
    *Clipped top of blue spawn
    *Added playable area next to point A
    *Added props to prevent blue spawncamping
    *Adjusted doorways to break long sightlines
    *Fixed flag detection not working
    *Changed blue door texture