Bomb Factory a7

By The_Ulf

  1. The_Ulf


    The Racing Equine Dynasty ranch and Better Livestock United farm, fronts for their RED and BLU holding companies, are dead set to destroy each other! Each team is vying for control of the explosives secretly produced in the central Gray Gravel Co. warehouse factory and trying to destroy their enemy's missile base and outposts.

    -Frenetic, offensive capture the flag with a single neutral, explosive flag!
    -Once the flag has been picked up for the first time, the 45 second timer starts! Escort your flag courier to the heart of enemy territory and hold their capture zone until the bomb detonates! Don't let it fall into enemy hands, as explosive briefcases know no loyalty.
    -To win, Destroy all three of your opponents bases before they do the same! Remember! There's no required order to make captures in, but you can't destroy the same base twice.



    Currently in alpha.

    Fortress Builders Poster - Youme
    TF2 Maps Poster and Cardboard box prop- The (amazing) Swamp Theme

    Special Thanks:
    captainAngry and the good folks over at Calculated Chaos for their playtesting, Penguin for feedback,
    riuthamus and friends for playtesting, and the community for your awesome tips, tutorials, playtesting and resources!
    And a very special thanks to Nerdboy who has been waiting so damn patiently for me to get my ass around to sending him my entity setup - something I think I promised I'd do for him sometime around Fall of 2009...


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    5. red_b_large.jpg
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