Bobroom Beta 6

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Bobroom Beta 6

Team Fortress 2's Most Bizarre Adventure Map, now updated after over 6 years!

After over 6 years, Bobroom is finally coming to Gamebanana with its new update!​

What is the so-called "Bobroom?"​

After awakening for another day of the gravel wars, the mercenaries of Red and Blu find themselves in an unknown location. Who is this noseless rectangular smiling caricature of a 50s nuclear family man plastered everywhere? What are these strange box-shaped rooms? For the Tuefort Nine, these questions will remain a mystery while they search for a way out.

What can I expect from Bobroom?​

Bobroom Beta 6 features nearly a dozen different areas to traverse, each with their own secrets and puzzles, as you look for a way out. Relax by the beach, read in the study, admire the creator in the credits room, ponder the fine art in the gallery, and so much more! You'll know when you've found everything to be found in the Bobroom when you find the big glowing YOU WIN text.

What can I do in the Bobroom?​

Bobroom's primary function since its initial conceptualization in 2014 has always been adventure and mystery. That being said, this mysterious world offers many options and challenges for players to enjoy, including countless battlefields for combat, a volleyball court, multiple obstacle courses, some manner of parkour, and, of course, a Super Bouncehouse (Copyright pending.)

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