Bluff B1

A somewhat unique take on competitive 5cp.

  1. There's just snow better way to update a map

    -Theme change, now has mild snow and mud instead of dirt and grass
    -Changed last spawn doors to be at 90 degree angle rather than head-on
    -Added dropdown into secret from Right (attacker's perspective) Lobby, made the original "entrance" into secret bigger and shifted closer to the ramp nearby
    -Added beams you can stand on and play around in Last
    -Added trapezoid thing on Last that allows for easier travel between sides of the room and potential hiding spot oppertunity
    -Added new route out of Lobby from the left (defender's perspective) out to just above the point, exit has a small shutter, highground structure on Second now connects to this shutter as well
    -Shifted mid-acquired forward spawn over to compensate for previous change
    -Added decorative water below grating on Second
    -Added a walled balcony thing to the upper part of Choke that drops down to a snow pile (intended to give the upper thing more use); wall attached to the "outer" balcony can be jumped over
    -Added window to upper Choke to see players entering aforementioned balcony
    -Added plank on the windows leading to Mid from House to signal that you can just walk through the window rather than have to jump
    -Re-inverted crate/ramp setup on Bridge
    -Adjusted cover in some areas on mid to delete crack sniper angles
    -Other fixes that I can't remember

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