Blu Roof Metals 1.0

Made by Void

  1. Void

    Here at TF Industries, we like to work by supply and demand. And due to the increasingly high numbers of angry mobs outside our buildings within the past week, we* thought we should finally strictly enforce the way of supply and demand.

    So, the mobs demanded, and we supplied.

    * "We" being the ones who are hardworking employees, anyone who opposes has since been thrown into the tank full of sharks and bears that has accumulated since the mobs started appearing.

    Void's Texturefest 2010

    A set of blu-oriented roof textures by popular request.

    Ninth of many Texturefest 2010 uploads.


    1. forest_test0014.jpg
    2. wall026blu.png
    3. wall027blu.png
    4. wall028blu.png