Blossom A1

Capture the opposing team's flag and defend the flag in your (maybe) temple shrine

    Gosh I hope the Suijin Resupply didn't need packing.

    Some people Might be wondering what I'm doing... I'll tell you.

    I'm trying a new style of mapping.

    Alpha detailing will probably not be as common from me, as I try to make a fun and interesting Layout.
    Anyway, here's blossom!

    A (maybe) Japan temple themed ctf map on the top of a cliff. This is my first time really messing with death pits, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. We'll see.

    The flag "room" will probably be the most changed. Maybe the sightlines. Maybe not.

    Who reads this anyway? And if you made it this far; How are you doing? Anything exciting happen today? What kinda Computer do you have?


    1. ctf_blossom_a10000.jpg
    2. ctf_blossom_a10002.jpg
    3. ctf_blossom_a10003.jpg
    4. ctf_blossom_a10004.jpg
    5. ctf_blossom_a10005.jpg