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Bloodmoon A2

If there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a rock...

A variation of player destruction with instant capture - kill your enemies and pick up their fallen australium to instantly score for your team. Think of Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed gamemode.

Bloodmoon is a slightly-asymmetrical Halloween map that wears its 90s FPS influences on its sleeve - focused deathmatch, jump pads, portals - and soon, custom power-ups!

Aim for the stars and help make this new breed of classic deathmatch the best it can be.
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. "Maybe It's Better Now"

    A2! Changelog! - Several layout improvements(?) - Replaced a set of jumppads with bridges - Mid is now barricaded a la Monster Bash when the black hole is not active - Klaxon reduced to only when the black hole is about to be opened - Fixed...