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You know, i only wanted to make this map to make people jump out of a balloon.

-majorly changed points B, C & D
-improvements to routing and connections in the map (mostly red spawn 1 -> E)
-added a 3d skybox to show where RED and BLU teams blimps are from anywhere on the map.
-Redid lighting
-Extra little spicy nice things.




the blimps no longer fly, hopefully this was what made it crash, and with them removed the map will be playable.

-no more func_tracktrain blimps.
Redid spawn logic for the blimp, hoping that the map will not crash on servers anymore. I cant recreate the crash by myself so dont know if it is or isnt fixed but this is my best shot.
The map crashed the server and I dont know why but its maybe fixed

also some other small changes but you know how it is - cant remember them.