Blanktown a6a

Made by Di Gorgonzola

  1. Updated danktown to a2!

    An exciting and new version of cp_danktown is ready, and includes following changes:

    • Changed name from danktown to blanktown (thanks for the name suggestion Mudpie!)
    • Extended a ledge and moved around the boxes at 2nd to block of incoming spam from the upper floors.
    • Heavily reworked the sidearea besides 2nd. It's much simpler to navigate, and attackers from mid can't completely skip 2nd.
    • Added a oneway route for players coming from last. It can be used for the initial rollout and later for flanking.
    • Opened up the lobby before last to make it easier to navigate and hold. Defenders know have a balcony overlooking the lobby and the lower route.
    • Redirected the lower route from 2nd into last, so it's exit is closer to the point.
    • Extended the balconies at last and connnected them with some shacks in order to improve the defensibility of the area.
    • Changed the grass texture.
    Final notes:
    Since this map is aimed more at pub, I'm experimenting with some short walking distances between points, so impatient players can quickly rejoin the action. Contrarily the cap times is longer than usual and each point has some pretty powerful holds to keep the pace down. Each point has thus more routes to avoid the game from stalling too much.
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