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A3 Update​

Welcome to A3 update.

Major changes​

  • Edited Layout
    • Added a central lobby for each team
    • Widened mid slightly
    • Extended the map
    • Changed spawn
      • added a team specific crit boost to help spawn camping

Minimal changes​

  • Moved the jump pad and added particles to tell players where it leads
  • Edited sound effect upon exiting arena
  • Removed most obsoletes sprites


  • Fixed RED players keeping uber and full crits after escaping arena
  • Fixed beginning timer being incorrect
  • Supposedly fixed the broken logic
  • Added clib brushes where there was none
  • Move a health pack to be closer to action
  • Changed and added clips into block bullets
An A3 isn't ready yet. Spawn Will be changed then, for now there are fixes i needed to do and will need to do.
  • Widened a route to mid
    • Added a dent in said routewidened route.jpg
  • Added logic to make the arena act like an underworld
  • Changed health and ammo packs in the arena from full packs to medium packs
  • Changed trigger_hurt in arena
    • Made the damage cap higher
    • Changed the damage type (characters now make pain noises)
  • Changed the location of the teleporter when escaping the arena
    • The building that was used is now blocked off
    • You now spawn back in the tunnel entrance next to your spawnchanged escape.jpg
  • Added trigger_hurts in places
    • Added 1 in the pit to teleport to prevent being stuck
    • Added trigger_hurts in the arena to prevent players from staying there.
  • Changed healthpacks in the arena to discourage players staying there.
  • Any Obsolete™ are definitly not intended, for sure !
  • Cow
  • I think people complained about fullbright, despite my testing being lit up.
I made changes i wanted to make when i last worked on this map. However life (and mapping for other games) was in the way.
  • Changed mid
    • The teleporter is in a pit that opens
    • The teleporter is in a lower ground
    • Height variations are more pronounced1.jpg
  • Replaced the tunnels
    • Added sniper balcony
    • Added flanks and rotation potential
  • Removed the whole building opposite side of the teleporter
    • Added a side area that has a jump pad to get to high ground with a death pit.
    • Removed the flanky out of the way building.2.jpg


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Fixes following the playtests
    • Fixed players getting into the wrong arena
    • Made logic easier for me
    • Reintegration later
  • Fixed test spawnpoints still existing
  • Made so the add cond triggers when exiting the arena actually work

Here are the main fixes of this version​

  • Fixed broken logic
    • The second arena is now accessible
    • Any team can now cap on both arenas as intended
  • Removed railings at spawn (very important change)

There were no layout / fondamental changes of the map​