Billiards2 a2

The second installment of Billiards (Author: Big Lou)

  1. Big Lou

    The second installment of Billiards. This map includes the same great fun, but with an all new look and tons of optimizations.

    The biggest graphical upgrade is the inclusion of model billiard balls. Thanks to Fishy, the modeler, billiards2 looks like a "real" game of billiards! There is even a new type of ball, the cue ball, which heals and gives ammo to both teams!

    Currently, there are a few gameplay elements missing. These include a live scoreboard and completed 3d skybox. There are a few other tweaks and adjustments that need to be made... but it's certainly fully playable!

    Please try and test things like snipers being able to camp from spawn, graphical glitches, scoring errors, etc... hopefully nothing too major found its way into this alpha release.

    Thank you for downloading! Enjoy!


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