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72hr Jam 2022 Beyond Time 0.1

hop between worlds from the past and the future in an attempt to stop a devastating black hole!

2022-07-24 22_19_46-Greenshot.png

upon discovering the existence of a mini black hole threatening to destroy not just the future, but the past as well, BLU team will attempt to push a payload cart across the Hammer worlds to destroy it! However RED has good reasons to think that the bomb will backfire and must stop BLU!

The worlds between worlds feature the broken, leaked Dustbowl files, a strange amalgamation of floating islands with 2fort and Doublecross somehow merged into one, ripped from the regular world and stuck in between a patch of desert islands and a floating jungle hosting the remnants of the Lumberyard.

Finally (and stay with me, cuz this part's still ugly and WIP in-map), get close and personal to the black hole through the future space station mining operation of 2998. Like I said, it'll look better once the map's finished, but I ran out of time. even writing this is making me feel nervous.

anyway yeah enjoy. didn't get time to test the map, so I could barely balance it physically, and the timer's probably off. Apologies.

Expect a few glitches (the unintentionnal ones) like a door not visibly opening, but is really open, missing respawn visualisers at the last phase, and a few other things I didn't have time to fix.

(then there's the cursed stuff, that may or may not have been on purpose)

anyway, gotta go save time!


First off, gotta talk about LEAK! the SFM, it's a big inspiration source.
Some textures are from the Oceanic Pack, and the Autumnal Pack.
others, like the custom skies and that neat little flaming lamp are made by me, marked as from "palm plaza". it's a future project, I just reused the filepath.
I used ABS's gamemode prefabs to save time on the Payload logic, and edited it a little to fit the map.
Valve: cp_dustbowl, ctf_2fort, ctf_doublecross and arena_lumberyard
a few barricades from the Construction pack
Hammer++, without it, i couldn't have done many things like the physics simulation to dissolve the map edges and more.

minor inspirations:
DoubleFort's bot resistance HQ had a bit of a Fallout vibe idea, but I'll need to add more.
The jungle came to me after playing chapter 3 of Sly 2: Band of thieves. don't ask.
the mining section in phase 3 with the pillars and Nucleus lights got inspired by Oovo IV from Star Wars Bounty Hunter (yes this game cool)

And if you see the Shadow Spy, tell him I said "F you"
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