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Best of 5 Prefab V2

Multistage Arena prefab, made for MC18

Ever wanted to make Multistage Arena? Then this prefab got you covered.

Best of 5 is a recreation of Arena with a multistage aspect. The teams will start on a random stage and then rotate after one team wins. First team to reach 3 points win the game.


  • Place all the logic at the center (logic entities, both spawn points, and the trigger_hurt) in an unaccessible area.
  • Place the points and their respective logic and spawnpoints (the ones right next to them, pointing towards them) in their respective stages. COPY AND PASTE the spawnpoints that come with the point to create the missing ones. DO NOT create new spawnpoints next to them, this will prevent the logic from working correctly
  • Place all the triggers around the entire prefab around the ENTIRE map.
  • Verify everything works properly, and check the FAQ if not.
  • Players spawn in all the stages and not the currently selected one!
    • You did not use the spawnpoints that come with the points in the prefab. Redo step 2 of the installation.
  • Some brushes have missing textures!
    • Replace them with the regular trigger texture
  • When the round starts, I die, then get respawned again when the setup timer hits 4 seconds!
    • Reinstall the logic entities and trap spawnpoints (step 1).
  • Humiliation and start of round freeze aren't happening!
    • Redo step 3 of the installation.
  • I wish to change the time it takes for the point to get enabled.
    • Find the end_setup logic_relay. Go into its Outputs, and change the delay for the output "enable_center_cp Trigger" to be the enable time you want minus 5 seconds.
  • I wish to change the setup time.
    • Change the game_timer setup time length to be the duration you want.
  • I have another issue!
    • Reinstall the entire logic to be sure it's not Source screwing up. If it's persisting, let me know in the discussion tab.
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