72hr Bellick B1 reupload

Fun for the whole team!

  1. Moonrat
    Bellick is a small Arena map, with multiple pathways that go through the map, and loosely connect with mid.

    The map's layout was created and changed over a period of time, but the detailing was done in 42 hours for the Summer 72 Hour Jam.

    Thanks things:

    Moonrat for being incredibly awesome, very handsome, and fun to play with!
    MaccyF for a screenshot of his map Vineyard, which inspired the creation of this map
    14bit, Malachite, phi and others that convinced me this map was okay
    The Bullecrops Pack for some nice textures
    Boojum Snark for a lot of things


    1. hl2 2016-07-24 06-33-08-20.png
    2. hl2 2016-07-24 06-33-10-53.png
    3. hl2 2016-07-24 06-33-38-16.png
    4. hl2 2016-07-24 06-33-49-91.png
    5. hl2 2016-07-24 06-35-33-08.png

Recent Updates

  1. Again
  3. More to see, more to do!