BeerBowl b8

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Beta 8 Changelog:
-Reverted lighting back to a previous version (b5a)
-Final Capture Point Changes
---Changed the doors to one way doors on the top right flank, BLU now has to jump down to attack bottom right sentry spot.
---Changed the layout of the left flank and added a door, to slightly slow down BLU from that area.
---Added another door to final RED spawn.
-Reduced Maximum Cart Speed by 11%
-Reduced Addtime on CP3 by 30 seconds
-Added nobuild triggers to certain areas.
-Made the friendship bridge near CP2 look cleaner.
-Reduced the yellowness in many of lights around the map.
-Fixed various exploits.

Planned upcoming changes:
-Figure out a way to do a two cart system with rollforward and rolldown mechanics without having the two cart go inside each other.
-Keep polishing and improving the map.
-Make the forward spawn after CP2 less awkward.
I updated the map about a year and a half ago and never got around to release it publicly other than the FITH server.


Changelog From Beta 6c to Beta 7c (Super Summarized)
-Added rollback and rollforward mechanic
-Re-designed 2/3 of the map
-Cleaned up all of my old messy brushwork
-New Final Capture Point
-Re-designed 1st Capture Point Area
-Reduced walking distances
-Did multiple pass throughs to get the map as optimized as possible.
-Added an additional forward BLU spawn near the 3rd Capture Point
-Changed the lighting to a sunset (Will try to make it less yellow)
-Added Humping Cows
-Fixed several minor bugs
-Speed Boost is now 3 people on the cart and is significantly slower than the previous speed boost
-I enjoy having this, since it adds a lot of pressure for RED to defend the cart and a nice little change from standard payload maps.
-Added Custom Health Packs
-Beer Bottle = Small Health
-Six Pack of Beer = Medium Health
-Beer Keg = Full Health

-The cart doesn't kill buildings in front of it though having a trigger_hurt on it.
-Minor visual bugs

To-do List:
-Change the lighting to be less yellow inside.
-Or change the lighting to something else.
-Fix several minor bugs.
-Continue to balance the map as much as possible.
-Slightly reduce speed boost.
-Change weird looking bridge near the 2nd capture point to something more normal.