Bedtime 2022-03-31

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B2a changelog:
- Moved the Super Mario side goal back a little to make it a bit less trivial to score using it.
- Significantly reduced soundscape volume by 50% outside and 70% in the insides.
- Disabled PASS Time Tips (Makes sense in vanilla PASS Time, but not necessary for a map where the entire point is chaos)
- Fixed some clipping which allowed players to watersphere/rocket-jump "outside" the funny hell prop shell
- Disabled Attack/Defend spawns, only attack spawns are now permanently active. (In Smalltime, whenever the JACK would enter your base the spawn would be moved to the other side of your spawn, leading players to the highground. In this map, this isn't necessary since there is a second goal and you should stay centered)
- Reduced Goal base to 1 instead of 2 (The new bonus-goal "charge up your next goal" system increased the average point gain drastically, as such this will prevent quick swipes while still keeping games shorter than usual PASS Time)
- Some other minor stuff

I am still experimenting with the super mario jump and run goal. It will most likely get made more difficult or maybe vanish entirely, but since last test was dominated by people being BLASTED by valve's hell soundscape most people didnt really get to focus anyways, so I'd like to give it another shot.