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Update A4

-Removed wooden hut

-Removed dirt tunnel

+Added passage through building to point B
+Added indent in building for defending point B
+Added staircase from tunnel to upper area point B
+Added catwalk from point C to point D
+Added passage from last ramp to point D

*Changed placement of health packs and ammo packs

+Updated navmesh
+HDR support available
InDev A3.2.2
*Fixed RED not being able to leave forward spawn.
*Fixed being able to block the cart with buildings.
*Fixed the light on the cart not working.
  • Added prop-based lighting.
  • Updated navmesh
InDev A3.2.0
*Fixed enemy teams being able to get in each others spawns

Because this is InDev:
  • Navmeshes have been updated
  • No HDR support
  • Users should update if using older versions of InDev
InDev A3.1.4

*Fixed an issue with the cart being debris and not stopping bullets.

  • Updated BLU spawn building to look better.
  • Changed setup time to 45 seconds.
  • Added new texture "blueroof001" (BLU hue of Valve tex)
  • Fixed materials for "blueroof001", "wood_bluebridge001", "woodwall_blueworn001", to properly act like their intended material when shot.
Since this is InDev:
  • Users using older builds of InDev should update.
  • Navmeshes have been updated.
  • No HDR support.
InDev A3.1.2
  • Added proper lighting system for blue spawn
  • Added cubemaps for BLU spawn
  • Added blue-hue wood textures (get them from the "Custom Textures" folder)
  • Added glass walls and windows in BLU spawn
Because this is InDev:
  • Navmeshes have been updated.
  • The map was compiled with 'Fast' lighting and visleaves.
  • No HDR support; check Update branch for HDR support.
Update A3.1.1
  • Fixed unintentional spawn outside of spawns.
  • Made stairs (hopefully) look better.
  • Fixed the spike-plants on the beach casting shadows.
  • Frontline! texture usage has been confirmed.
Because this is an Update:
  • Navmeshes have been updated.
  • Everyone using an older InDev version or older version of Update should update to the newest version.
  • HDR support is available.
I fixed the OneDrive link to include both the InDev and Update folders. That's about it.