72hr beachfront A6

A/D CP i made in about 12 hours.. im really tired. its a working title

  1. A6

    Finally got to playtest this map. Thank you to everyone that was there. The feedback was very useful. The map wasn't too enjoyable to play because for some big issues. First off, the map was way too in favor of the red team. I hope tweaking spawn times will help make the map play better. Also the landmines were extremely annoying, and probably got more kills then anyone. So I decide to just remove the landmines entirely.
    Decided to close off the sniper decks once the first point is captured to help prevent blu team being pushed back to there spawn. Also tweaked health and ammo pack placements.

    - Removed landmines!
    - Shorter respawn time for blu.
    - Even shorter respawn time for blu when 1st point is captured.
    - Longer respawn time for red when 1st point is captured.
    - Shorter time to capture 1st and 2nd points.
    - Resupply cabinets closer to blu's spawn gates.
    - Larger ramps in blu spawn to help lend blu team to both mid and side spawn gates.
    - A gate closes off the sniper deck when the first cp is captured.
    - Nobuild in the sniper deck rooms (alittle awkward design, though prevents a unreachable build location)
    - Nobuild on tanks and rocks outside of blu spawn.
    - Add a fence by the bridge so there is a little more cover on bridge route to the 1st point.
    - Changed small health pack to medium health pack under bridge.
    - Changed small health packs to medium health packs on both side flanks into 2nd point.
    - Move back health and ammo packs on right flank into 2nd point.
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